WELCOME to Our Web Site                          Family Medicine "Complete for the entire Family"

    Thank  you for  placing your trust in  Claremont Medical Center;
we  look forward to  meeting all of  your heath  care needs. We treat
all of our  patients as family  with careful consideration and  respect.
Offering the utmost in comprehensive care.

    We are located in Claremont,  California,  and are  considered  the
most  fully  equipped  medical  office  in the area  providing   primary
health care  for your  entire  family  and friends.  From  basic medical
care to complex medical problems.   We operate an enhanced facility
with modern technology to ensure every medical condition is treated
with great care. We use Pomona Valley Medical Center in the city of Pomona as well as San Antonio Medical Center in Upland for our patients hospitalization and in-patients care needs. Walk-ins are welcome as a convenience to our patients.

Your Family's health is our priority here at Claremont medical Center. 

 State of the Art Equipment
 High Complexity Laboratory Onsite
 3D Color Ultrasound
 Echocardiogram & Vascular
 Latest in Cardiac Holter Monitoring
 Stress Treadmill Testing
 X-Ray Testing
 Onsite Minor Surgery
 Certified Technicians

H1N1 Swine Flu Testing Now Available

                  We look forward to helping you and your family's medical needs soon.

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